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KINGS ROPES: “Used all the time” – Brad Mourilyan

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Brad Mourilyan is in his fourth year as Head Stockman at Glengyle Station, near Bedourie in far South West Qld, and explains that Kings Ropes are items of equipment “we use all the time… mainly for handling horses and,” he continues, laughing, “camels as well.” Two large camels wandering regally around the station complex are regarded as “part of the furniture.” For a bit of excitement, they and their riders participate in camel racing at Bedourie and Boulia, and then they return to the quiet, pampered life at the station…the camels that is!

Brad adds that the Kings Ropes are also used for broncoing, and he appreciates their strength and reliability. “Some of the ropes are a few years old and they’re still like brand new… really good.”

The conversation turns to the subject of rodeo, and saddle bronc riding in particular; …a passion for Brad. In 2011 he competed at the Mt Isa Rodeo for the first time…“a bit different from Bedourie and Windorah… a real eye opener!” However for the young cowboy, he did himself proud by reaching the finals in the event.

Glengyle suits Brad and partner Sarah Malloy, station cook and horsewoman, and in March 2012, they welcomed a baby girl, Riley Paige into their lives and life at the station. Brad had met Glengyle’s Manager, Steve Cramer when they were both working in the Kimberley WA, and both value the use of horses for stock work. “We try to use horses as much as we can.” Brad has always liked horses and cattle and while he has numbers of mates who are working in the mines, and earning more money, he is content to “work in good country, with a good crowd of people.” The Glengyle homestead is situated at the front end of the property, and it’s about one hundred and ten kilometres to the back boundary; so the stock camp have the bonus of regular camping out. Eyre Creek runs through the middle of the station, and the channel “flood outs’’ influence cattle movement and consequent stock work planning. Brad is stimulated by all of it. He is satisfied in his role as Head Stockman, and on the other hand, appreciates that “You’ve got time to yourself – it’s vast out there.”