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The Morney Plains stock camp – Radio Pouches

The Morney Plains stock camp, equipped and ready to communicate; each worker wearing a radio and radio pouch and looking forward to a day of mustering.

Two way radios are a fact of life in the majority of stock camps on outback cattle stations, and at Morney Plains the workers rely on their radios to communicate with each other in a variety of work situations. A shirt pocket or belt is an insecure and vulnerable place to carry a two way radio, and many sad stories are told of radios, fallen and lying on the ground out in the bush somewhere

At Kent Saddlery, we’ve designed a radio pouch which allows the wearer to speak directly into the radio without having to take their eyes off what lies ahead, and their hands remain in control of the handle bars of a motor bike, or the reins of a horse. Most musters now involve helicopters, and communication between chopper pilots and those on the ground is essential. Ultimately, a radio pouch is a valuable piece of safety equipment and at the very least saves the cost of replacing lost and damaged two way radios.

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1) LEFT TO RIGHT: Luke Wolfenden, Luke Barton, Timmy Norris, Ruby Schmidt, Dan Durie, Jack Turnbull.