2013, People, Stories and Articles

The Wockner Boys – Grinners are Winners

As Lyle and Helen return each year to Glenore Station in the Qld Gulf during their saddlery visit, they are met with ever increasing doses of friendship, enthusiasm and energy coming from the three Wockner boys, Charlie, Darcy, and Cody. Typically, all the kids we meet on an annual basis keep right on growing…mostly at an incredible rate; which was most likely a contributing factor in the decision made by the boy’s parents, Clint and Wendy Wockner, to buy new belts and pouches for their three sons.

When it was time for a photo of boys and pouches, a difficult decision has to be made to choose which pet to include in the photo. Their Amareen Staffy dog “Lily” suddenly became shy, the poddy calf wouldn’t stand still, and their cat wouldn’t cooperate! Finally, it was up to “Ace”, their black Staffy, to pose with his mates; his smile almost a match for the grins on the other three faces.