Tom Garland Saddler Recognition of Craftsmanship

“Craftsmanship in saddle unbeatable”

Tom Garland, a saddler with Kent Saddlery, had a win at our local Stanthorpe Show earlier this year, for his personal entry in the “Something New from Something Old” manual arts section. Tom entered an old barcoo saddle (not a Kent) he had repaired, and came first in the section entered, as well as achieving Grand Champion of the whole Manual Arts Section. The Stanthorpe Border Post reported “Craftsmanship in saddle unbeatable”. Manual Arts steward Russell Smith said, “The workmanship in this saddle is just amazing. He has done such a great job of it, but it was stiff competition.” Congratulations Tom!


Where do you live?: Amiens, near Stanthorpe

Favourite Pastime: Working on my property.

What is your role at Kent Saddlery?: A Saddler

When did you join the Kent Saddlery team?: I first started with Kent Saddlery doing work experience in high school (2003).

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt in your job?: How you can fit a saddle to the horse and also to the rider.

Favourite Kent Saddlery product: I find the double layer stitched leather cutting reins handy. Why?: They are good to use. They feel nice, sensitive to touch, and they are long.

What animals do you have on your property?: I have some cattle, two dogs, some chooks, and one duck.

What is one thing in life you would like to do from your “bucket list”?: Go travelling!

Tell us a bit about yourself: I have lived in Stanthorpe most of my life. I started shearing at the age of 18 as my Dad works in shearing sheds. For the last four years I have competed in chainsaw races at local shows and events around the area. I have done a bit of station work, e.g. mustering, fencing. I purchased my property two years ago and enjoy farm life.