3000th Kent Saddle owned by Josh Ward

3000th Kent Saddle owned by Josh Ward 1

Kent Saddlery achieved a milestone in March 2015 in the making of our 3000th saddle. This is truly an extra mile event as Kent Saddles are far from production line, being custom made to suit horse and rider, offering strength, low maintenance, and comfort. We remain abreast of changing customer needs, and improvements in technology. Each year Lyle and Helen Kent travel to the cattle stations of northern and western Australia, receiving continual input and feedback from people who use saddles every day. We feel privileged to have been part of a major evolution in Australian saddles and are committed to remaining at the forefront of saddle improvements.

Josh Ward, owner of the 3000th Kent Saddle. Josh lives at Neenah Park Station, Longreach, Qld.

Ben Kent (Saddler) with the 3000th Kent Saddle