2015 Cattle Station Trip – Week 13

2015 Cattle Station Trip - Week 13 1

Flora Valley, Sturt Creek, Ruby Plains, Springvale, Margaret River (Yougawalla), Gogo, I and L Hoare Contracting and Napier Downs (Tullocks camp out)

Flora Valley, WA

Sunday 14 June 2015

Station Flora Valley 2015

Station Flora Valley 2015 Sign
A “Lone Tree” beside the sign to Flora Valley Station.

Station Flora Valley 2015 Kitchen Welcome
Caitlin, the cook at Flora Valley at the time of Lyle and Helen’s visit, had created this sign outside the kitchen, which made Lyle and Helen feel extra welcome.

Station Flora Valley 2015 horse yards
Flora Valley Station horse yards.

Station Flora Valley 2015 Kitchen and Recroom
Like numbers of stations there’s an optional outdoor dining area at Flora Valley, with the rec room conveniently placed at one end.

Station Flora Valley 2015 Garden and Quarters
The spacious grassed area and gardens surrounding some of the workers quarters at Flora Valley Station.

Sturt Creek Station, WA

Monday 15 June 2015

Station Sturt Creek 2015

Station Sturt Creek 2015 Sign
Sturt Creek Station Sign.

Station Sturt creek 2015 horse yards
Horse yards at sunset – Sturt Creek Station.

Station Sturt Creek 2015 kitchen and homestead
The inviting environment of Sturt Creek’s homestead/kitchen.

Station Sturt Creek 2015 Sign on shed
Identifying sign on the Sturt Creek Station Shed.

Station Sturt Creek 2015 Riding Past station
Out riding – Sturt Creek Station.

Station Sturt Creek 2015 Quarters
Workers quarters at Sturt Creek Station.

Ruby Plains, WA

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Station Ruby Plains 2015

Station Ruby Plains 2015 Sign
Ruby Plains Station sign on the Tanami Road.

Station Ruby Plains 2015 Quarters and Kitchen
Ruby Plains Station Quarters and kitchen/dining room.

Station Ruby Plains 2015 Horses
Horses feeding close to the station complex.

Station Ruby Plains 2015 homestead
Ruby Plains Station homestead.

Station Ruby Plains 2015 View From Entrance
Looking towards the Ruby Plains Station complex from the entrance.

Springvale Station, WA

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Station Springvale 2015

Station Springvale 2015 Entrance
Springvale Station Entrance sign off the Great Northern Highway.

Station Springvale 2015 Road in boab tree
Yet another amazing boab tree on the road into Springvale Station.

Station Springvale 2015 homestead rock fence
Springvale homestead and rock fence which extends around most of the buildings in the complex. The rock wall is somewhat varied – different groups of workers (many of them indigenous) having worked on constructing the fences.

Station Springvale 2015 Shed
Springvale Station shed, which back in 1991, was the first building that Lyle and Helen and their four sons sighted at Lyle’s first job opportunity in the Kimberley during their first trip to the North. At the time Angus McClymont owned Springvale and needed a caretaker at neighbouring Bedford Downs. It wasn’t long before Lyle was able to start mending saddles and gear and, essentially, that was the beginning of our venture into making saddles and travelling the Outback on an annual basis (for details of Kent Saddlery history click here).

Station Springvale 2015 Tom quilty
A sign at the station complex gateway summarising the Quilty family connection with Springvale Station.

Station Sringvale 2015 Store room rock walls
An historic store room, surrounded by the distinctive rock fences of Springvale Station.

Station Springvale 2015 mail collection halls creek
The pile of parcels collected the morning of June 17 from Halls Creek Post Office. Unpacking them and finding space to sort the contents is usually a challenge! It is always great to receive products from home to replenish travel stocks.

Station Springvale 2015 Shopping kitchen in back ground
Shopping at the Kent Saddlery truck at Springvale. Kitchen/dining room in background.

Margaret River Station, WA (Yougawalla workers at Margaret River)

Thursday 18 June 2015

Station Yougawalla 2015

Station Margaret River 2015 country
Margaret River Country.

Station Margaret River 2015 Homestead
Margaret River Station Homestead.

Station Margaret River 2015 windmill and rock tank
Windmill and rock tank at Margaret River Station.

Station Margaret River 2015 River Country with Escarpment
Amazing colours, textures, variety of Kimberley country.

Station Margaret River 2015 smokey and hank
Another friendship established for Smokey – this time with “Hank” at Margaret River, who welcomed Smokey by generously covering him with slobber!

Gogo Station, WA

Friday 19 June 2015

Station Gogo 2015

Station Gogo 2015 Shecking out the station photos
Interest in looking at the current station photos and group photos of the previous two years.

Station Gogo 2015 Lyle punching belt
Lyle “hole punching” a belt for a customer at Gogo Station. The belt display is one of the most popular items of interest in the travelling shop. The motivation to customers is “You choose the belt; Lyle will cut and hole-punch it to (your) size.”

Station Gogo 2015 busy night shopping
Gogo Station was one of Lyle and Helen’s busiest stopovers, with the combined station and contract workers visiting. Lyle and Helen appreciated their interest and support, their patience, and their willingness to serve themselves where possible.

Station Gogo 2015 homestead
Gogo Station homestead.

Station Gogo 2015 Kitchen
Gogo Station’s kitchen and roomy outdoor BBQ area – filled to capacity on the night of Lyle and Helen’s visit with around fifty people.

Napier Downs, WA

Saturday 20 June 2015

Station Napier Downs 2015

Station Napier Downs 2015 Queen Victoria Head
Queen Victoria’s Head – Approaching Napier Downs Station along the Gibb River Road, the Napier Range comes into view and at a certain point a rock formation in the range takes on the distinctive features of Queen Victoria’s head.

Station Napier Downs 2015 Boab and ant Hills
The ever present and eyecatching sight of boabs and ant hills of the Kimberley region.

Station Napier Downs 2015 Sign
Napier Downs sign on the Gibb River Road.

Station Napier Downs 2015 Kitchen
Napier Downs kitchen/dining room.

Station Napier Downs 2015 Quarters and Escarpment
Napier Downs workers quarters, along with the other station buildings are situated at the base of a part of the dramatic Napier Range.

Station Napier Downs2015 early morning around fire
Lyle and Helen had the privilege of visiting the Napier Downs stock camp away from the station at one of their
stock camps where they were spending time mustering, processing and handling Napier Downs cattle. The working day starts before sun up and sitting around the camp fire is a regular part of the day.

Station Napier Downs 2015 Shed and Escarpment
Shed and escarpment at Napier Downs Station.

Station Napier Downs 2015 Country and Escarpments
Beautiful breathtaking views near Napier Downs Station.

Station Napier Downs 2015 Linda Cooking
Linda Evans, Napier Downs’ Station Cook and Camp Cook extraordinaire expertly producing a meal at the camp fire.

Station Napier Downs 2015 letting weaner sout
It was a pleasure and quite an awesome experience to observe Boof Evans, Napier Downs’ Head Stockman and the stock camp, let the weaners out of the yard. Using horses to block the weaners, the riders allow the young cattle to come out of the yards very slowly, allowing them to walk, feed and settle as they go. This procedure is repeated daily for several days.

Station Napier Downs 2015 Letting Weaner Sout
Boof “talks” (sings) to the animals as they go. Lyle and Helen were impressed with the hushed nature of the whole operation. The result? Quiet, educated cattle and an inspirational example of stockwork, skill, and cattle care, for which Napier Downs’ Owner, Peter Leutenegger is renowned.

Station Napier Downs 2015 on horses kent Saddles
Kent Saddlery is privileged to supply Kent Saddles for the horses and riders at Napier Downs Station.

Station Napier Downs 2015 camp Kitchen
The Napier Downs mobile camp kitchen, in which supplies for the camp out are stored.

Station Napier Downs 2015 kstruck king leopold Ranges
The Kent Saddlery truck dwarfed by the King Leopold Ranges near Napier Downs Station.