2015 Cattle Station Trip – Week 12

2015 Cattle Station Trip - Week 12 1

Legune, Waterloo, Rosewood, Auvergne, Argyle Downs, Spring Creek and Mistake Creek

Week 12 and Lyle and Helen are nearly at the 3 month mark on the road with the Kent Saddlery Mobile Store. First stop was Legune then Waterloo, Rosewood, Auvergne, Argyle Downs, Spring Creek and finishing at Mistake Creek.

Legune, NT

Sunday 07 June 2015

Station Legune 2015

Station Legune 2015 Wet lands
The approach to Legune Station crosses a vast wetlands, where cattle share the environment with a host of wetland birds. Quite spectacular.

Station Legune 2015 Recroom
The workers’ rec room at Legune Station.

Station Legune 2015 Barb wire light shade
Manager of Legune Station, Cameron Rasheed’s wife, Belinda, created this striking and very sharp light shade
which is a feature of the Rec Club area. She organised numbers of them to be made for the Centenary celebrations of the Brunette Races at Brunette Downs Racecourse, NT in 2010.

Station Legune 2015 Homestead garden
Legune Station homestead garden.

Station Legune 2015 Grazing land
Legune Station grazing land.

Station Legune 2015 Or driver Irrigation
Extensive and developing crop growing ventures are a part of the land usage around Kununurra, WA. These
huge acres of farming land are serviced by a massive flood irrigation system using the waters from the Ord River.

Waterloo, NT

Monday 08 June 2015

Station Waterloo 2015
Tragically, a few days after Lyle and Helen’s visit to Waterloo Station, Dougal Brett, owner of Waterloo, was killed while flying his helicopter at the station. This amazing Waterloo sign taking pride of place near the kitchen/dining room, was a gift from Dougal’s wife Emily to her husband for his 40th birthday. We will forever cherish the Waterloo group photo taken at the sign. It is a fitting memorial to Dougal, who worked tirelessly and enthusiastically for the benefit of the Northern cattle industry and who passionately loved his family and Waterloo.

Station Waterloo 2015 Sign at Homestead
Waterloo sign taking pride of place near the kitchen/dining room as talked about in the paragraph above.

Station Waterloo 2015 Sign
Waterloo Station sign at the entrance to the station.

Station Waterloo 2015 Kitchen and homestead
Kitchen and Homestead at Waterloo Station.

Station Waterloo 2015 Recroom
Waterloo Station’s recreation room.

Station Waterloo 2015 kstruck
The Kent Saddlery truck shop at Waterloo Station.

Station Waterloo 2015 garden and horse yards
Garden and horse yards at Waterloo Station.

Rosewood, NT

Tuesday 09 June 2015

Station Rosewood 2015

Station Rosewood 2015 Sign
The impressive Rosewood sign made and placed on the Duncan Road, WA for Rosewood Station’s 125th Anniversary.

Station Rosewood 2015 Bronco Panel
Manager Doug Struber’s avid interest in the history at Rosewood Station prompted him to reassemble the bronco panel at the station complex.

Station Rosewood 2015 Flag pole and Sheds
Rosewood’s flag pole and sheds.

Station Rosewood 2015 main Gate
Main gate into Rosewood Station.

Station Rosewood 2015 Brandon Gate
Rosewood Station’s cattle brand on gate to the station.

Station Rosewood 2015 Homestead
Rosewood Station homestead.

Station Rosewood 2015 Guest quarters and Kitchen
Guest quarters and kitchen at Rosewood Station.

Station Rosewood 2015 Grazing Country
Grazing country on Rosewood Station.

Auvergne, NT

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Station Auvergne 2015

Station Auvergne 2015 Sign
Auvergne Station sign on the Victoria Highway, NT.

Station Auvergne 2015 Old Boab
A “Grandad” Boab on the road to Auvergne Station, Victoria Highway, NT.

Station Auvergne 2015 Boabs beside road
The road into Auvergne is a Boab tree haven – each one distinctly different.

Station Auvergne 2015 Kitchen
The kitchen/dining room at Auvergne Station.

Station Auvergne 2015 Recroom
Auvergne Station’s rec room.

Station Auvergne 2015 Night Shopping
Night shopping at Auvergne Station.

Station Auvergne 2015 Glen and bub
Manager of Auvergne, Glen Brooker… proud Dad with daughter Freya behind Auvergne station workers checking out Kent Saddlery’s previous years’ station photos.

Argyle Downs, WA

Thursday 11 June 2015

Station Argyle Downs 2015

Station Argyle Downs 2015 Sign
Argyle Downs Station sign on the Duncan Road, WA, which crisscrosses the NT-WA border from the Victoria Highway to the Buntine Highway, WA.

Station Argyle Downs 2015 Homestead
Argyle Downs homestead.

Station Argyle Downs 2015 Historical Buildings
Older buildings at Argyle Downs with the picturesque escarpment behind.

Station Argyle Downs 2015 kstruck Kitchen
Kent Saddlery truck parked near Argyle Downs kitchen and dining room.

Station Argyle Downs 2015 Meat house
The meat house at Argyle Downs. A meat house is a common and necessary part of any station complex.
The carcass of a ‘killer’ (an animal butchered in the paddock for meat) is brought to the meat house
and the meat is hung in the cool room of the meat house for tendering and further cutting-up.

Station Argyle Downs 2015 Home made Heater
This homemade heater is a practical feature in the outdoor eating area at Argyle Downs.

Spring Creek, WA

Friday 12 June 2015

Station Spring Creek 2015

Station Spring Creek 2015 Sign
Spring Creek Station Sign on Duncan Road, WA.

Station Spring Creek 2015 Homestead
Spring Creek Station homestead.

Station Spring Creek 2015 Hats and Boots
Hats and boots outside the kitchen/dining room at Spring Creek Station. Their owners are inside having a feed!

Station Spring Creek 2015 Lyle and Mike
Two Aussie stone masons at Mike’s rock saddle shed – Spring Creek Station.

Station Spring Creek 2015 Rocks tables
Mike Shaw, owner of Spring Creek Station, stands proud and happily contented at the entry to his newly completed rock saddle shed which has been his dedicated labour of love during the ‘Wet Season’ for the last four years. In an interview with the ABC’s Country Hour he made mention of ‘his old mate Lyle Kent who built a rock saddlery work shop at Amiens, near Stanthorpe’ and Mike’s rock stables are truely magnificent!

In 2010, Lyle and Helen sat down with Mike Shaw and shared a yarn. To read the story “The old fashioned way” click here.

Station Spring Creek 2015 Weaners in yard
Weaners in the station yards at Spring Creek Station.

Station Spring Creek 2015 Flag poles au stand
The Australian and Western Australian flags flying proudly at the entrance to Mike and Jane Shaw’s Spring Creek Station, Duncan Road, WA.

Station Spring Creek 2015 duncan road
Lyle and Helen enjoy the drive along Duncan Road, WA. It’s usually rough, but always a delight for the eyes.

Mistake Creek, NT

Saturday 13 June 2015

For the inspiring story about Mistake Creek’s managers, Steve and Joanne Craig, click here.

Station Mistake Creek 2015

Station Mistake creek 2015 Homestead
Mistake Creek Station Homestead

Station Mistake Creek2015 Kitchen
The kitchen/dining room at Mistake Creek.

Station Mistake Creek 2015 Buildings
Mistake Creek Station, NT – Buildings

Station Mistake Creek 2015 Quarters
Quarters, Mistake Creek Station, NT

Station Mistake Creek 2015 Horseyards
Horse yards at Mistake Creek Station, NT