Snow at Kent Saddlery, Stanthorpe, SE Qld!

Snow at Kent Saddlery, Stanthorpe, SE Qld! 1

It has been 31 years (1984) since the last decent snowfall at Stanthorpe, SE Qld. At around midnight on Friday 17th July, it started to snow and by morning there was thick snow coverage on the ground. Absolutely beautiful to look at and lots of fun to play in. Lots of people in Stanthorpe were up in the middle of the night having snow fights and building snowmen!

Robyn Peatling, her son, daughter-in-law, and kids made the trip to Stanthorpe to see the snow and dropped in to see us at the Saddlery.

Left to Right: Robyn Peatling, Krystal Peatling holding Baby Liberty, Richard Peatling holding Eli.

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