Kent Saddlery’s Animal Feature

Animal Farm feature at Kent Saddlery

Come on in and do some leather stamping, feed the animals and pat the chickens during the Holidays at Kent Saddlery, New England Hwy, Stanthorpe.

It was a great day on Saturday 12/12/15 for the opening of the Kent Saddlery Animal Feature.

The rain didn’t stop the fun or the crowds. Fun was had by all, stamping leather shapes, nursing the chickens and getting faces painted. Leather stamping for kids will continue all through the school holidays for FREE (take home two leather shapes each, personally stamped by each child).

The Animal Feature will be running from now on whenever the Kent Saddlery Retail Store is open, so come on in and feed the animals and pat the chickens at Kent Saddlery, New England Hwy, Stanthorpe.


People in feature photo: Back – Sonia Kent, Dustin Kent, Ena Furness, Abbey Kent, Helen Kent, Chad Kent, Ethan Kent, Bonnie Kent. Front – Jacob Kent, Lucas Kent, Naima Furness, Aida Furness.

Leather Stamping



Meet the Animals




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