Jude McGrath, Spring Creek Station, WA

Judith McGrath, Spring Creek Station

Lyle and Helen first met Jude McGrath in the late 1990’s at Moola Bulla Station near Halls Creek, WA, where Mike Shaw was the manager, and Jude was in the stock camp. She purchased dinner hobbles at that time and during Lyle and Helen’s visit to Spring Creek in 2016, Jude still had her good old hobbles with her. She is cooking at Spring Creek this season as well as teaching her daughter Martha through Distance Ed. Partner Darren is also employed at the Station. Jude still loves stock work, and although there is not a lot of call for dinner hobbles for her at present, in 2015 she decided it was time to buy another set online. Jude had both sets with her at Spring Creek Station this year, and Lyle and Helen reckon she and the old hobbles are still looking great and going strong, so they had to take the opportunity to capture a photo.

P.S. Jude worked in the cattle industry for several years, and in 2005 was the Head Stockman at Ellendale Station near Derby, WA. She has completed a nursing degree, worked as a nurse, and she and Darren are now enjoying a year doing something different; what better way for Jude than working at Spring Creek Station with her “old” boss, Mike Shaw.