Lyle and Helen return home after 30,000kms

Lyle and Helen return home after 30,000kms 1

10000 likes on Facebook!

Lyle and Helen have returned home to Kent Saddlery after 152 days (over 30,000km, and 2 days short of 5 months) on the road with Kent Saddlery’s travelling truck shop, visiting stations in the Outback. They really do “go the extra mile”, so everyone at Kent Saddlery thinks they are one of the big reasons why Kent Saddlery has reached 10000 likes on Facebook. Thanks Lyle and Helen for your hard work and sacrifice and a very big thank you to all of Kent Saddlery’s customers and supporters on Kent Saddlery’s 10000 Likes on Facebook!

Lyle, Helen and the team at Kent Saddlery will continue to “go the extra mile” for you, our customers and supporters.

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