Outback Station Trip Postponed

We’ve come to a tough decision that we need to postpone the Kent Saddlery visit to Outback Stations for 2020.

We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks with a view to resume travelling to some stations during this mustering season if travel restrictions are lifted.

We have a definite plan to visit 140 cattle stations in 2021.

We are very sorry that we can’t make it to see you and we want to assure you that the travelling truck shop is loaded with heaps of station supplies, as is the Kent Saddlery workshop at Stanthorpe.

We are hoping that you and your staff will “go ahead anyway!” and order your saddlery needs for the 2020 mustering season.

We would greatly appreciate your support for Kent Saddlery by:

  • Purchasing gear for the station…. A comprehensive range of top quality products is available which will provide safety and reliability for the mustering season.
  • Facilitating a designated way in which station workers can purchase gear by means of a combined order.

With the exception of saddles and swags, all orders will be sent POSTAGE FREE.

Feel free to send us an email or give us a call on free call 1800 651 535 if we can be of assistance.

With thanks

Lyle and Helen Kent

A short video message from Lyle and Helen in Longreach, giving an update about the postponement of the 30th Cattle Station Trip.