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Making a Vinyl Gear Bag

It all becomes a bit of a blur as Kay, who stitches up a lot of our gear bags, gets into action. The sewing machine goes crazy with sound as she sews away. Bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz.... the sound goes all morning. All our PVC vinyl gear bags and swags are manufactured here on site at [...]

2017-04-02T20:11:17+00:00 March 21st, 2017|General|

2015 Cattle Station Trip – Week 2

Gregory Downs, B&S Peglar Contract Mustering, Mellish Park, Millungera, Clonagh, Fort Constantine, Lorraine Lorraine Wednesday 08 April 2015 "Lorraine" sign at entrance to the station complex. Lorraine Station, Gulf Country, Qld "Lorraine Station" sign on the highway Lorraine Station, Gulf Country, Qld Fort Constantine Tuesday 07 April 2015 Entrance Sign at Fort Constantine Station, Cloncurry, [...]

2016-11-24T16:37:56+00:00 April 8th, 2015|Stations|