Humbert River Station

“Kent Saddlery – a unique shopping experience at your front door. They are a supplier of all requirements a station employee and family will need. They have up to date excellent quality stock with a well set out display and very helpful staff. Their yearly visit is eagerly awaited. If they don’t have what you need you can bet they will get it for you. In the meantime you can shop from their catalogue and ordering via mail is still as quick and efficient. We highly recommend Kent Saddlery.”

Tom Shephard & Cameillia Armstrong, Humbert River Stn, Victoria River Region, NT, CPC

This is Lyle’s old stamping ground. He worked here in the 60’s as a ringer, when Charlie Schultz owned the property. The last couple of years we’ve been able to spend an extra night camping at the Wickham River crossing on Humbert for a bit of a break in our trip, and an opportunity for Lyle to reminisce and talk about “the good old days when I was a young ringer and we didn’t have …….!”

Tom and Cameillia and children, Brittany and Tom Jnr have been managing at Humbert River for about 4 years, and to us they really belong there; they fit the place and the place fits them. “Tom the teaser” delights to take the mickey out of people (‘specially Helen), and situations, and “calm Cameillia” has the ability to do just that – she has a calming effect on everyone! We love to visit, and value their friendship and hospitality.


Update February 2017
For recent news see this article published by ABC: Top End cattle station manager resigns after 20 years working in Northern Territory and Western Australia