Naryilco Station

The first saddle I bought from Lyle about 10 years ago, a Station Special, is still going 100%. He left the saddle with me as a trial, and when he phoned back to see how it was going I said, “Send me a bill!” Our saddle sheds are full of Kent Saddles; even our cook has one …they’ve all got one! We’ve had a really good run with the saddles; they’re a good light saddle, strong, comfortable on the horses and well fitted. I like the Equaliser with the cable rigging the best.

I believe horses are an important part of cattle work, and it’s my experience that they contribute to low stress handling of the cattle in the paddock and during transport to markets. I want to look after the horses and a good saddle is essential. I’m happy with Kent Saddles, and so are all the staff.

We all enjoy the station group photos. Its good to look and see the people who’ve been at Naryilco and where they are working now. The photos are a great idea.

Ted and Dale Brown – Naryilco Station, Tibooburra, NSW, S Kidman & Co

TRAINING: Ted and Dale are involved, as are most company cattle stations, in training their workers. Ted is committed to encouraging and working alongside the members of the stock camp at their individual level of ability, getting them involved and interested with local campdrafting events, and showing them the skills he’s learned during a lifetime of horse and cattle handling.

We always enjoy our visit to Naryilco Station. The weather is usually chilly, (July, August) and at meal times the wood stove in the Naryilco kitchen is lit and is a gathering place for everyone. Ted and Dale are always welcoming, and we share in the warmth of the kitchen, and their hospitality. The channel country is a unique part of the country, as are the people who live there. It’s an inspiration to observe the patient endurance of those who have been affected by drought and the consequent hardships.