Pigeon Hole Station

Lyle & Helen have been travelling around the N.T. and W.A. for a long time with their great service and friendship. The group photos are a great idea; our staff really appreciate them.

The Kent family does a great job hand making all their leather gear and have a product range that has station staff in mind. We thank you and look forward to another great year and all to come.

Russell and Sonya Teece, Managers, Pigeon Hole Station, Victoria River District, NT

The current Pigeon Hole Station complex was built in 2001, following devastating floods at “old” Pigeon Hole.

It’s interesting to visit historical as well as more recently built complexes, and all have their appeal. Pigeon Hole has an open aspect, and we’ve treasured an awesome view of the night sky. By contrast, and to bring us down to earth, once or twice the automatic sprinklers have started up and begun to water our outdoor display of clothing and gear! We consistently feel very welcome and appreciated at Pigeon Hole, and value the friendship extended to us.

Russell and Sonya combine well as managers at Pigeon Hole. Sonya concentrates on the cattle work (and the bl…y books!) and Russell the machinery, bores, and a research and development projects at Pigeon Hole. They have 2 daughters, Courtney and Natalie.

Point of Interest: During the years 1991 to 1995 Sonya was head stock person of an all female stock camp, at Victoria River Downs / Pigeon Hole. To us, she epitomises the outback woman; vibrant, capable, enthusiastic and dedicated.